Something’s Going On…

This town’s getting dark.  Three overdose victims in less than a week.  Now, that alone doesn’t seem out-of-place for Detroit.  Or any major city, for that matter.  But the way these three met their end is far from typical.  They’d been pumped full of some molotov concoction of drugs.  And while that alone would’ve burned a hole through their body and killed them quicker than quick, it couldn’t account for the rapid blood loss each vic suffered.  Drugs will kill you, but it takes a vamp to leave you practically blood-dry.  

Given the first vic was discovered by a cop, I had no choice but write-up an official autopsy report.  Fortunately, a medical examiner knows how to fudge a bit; my report offered a plausible explanation for the blood loss.  Per the report, the vic had taken a fatal mixture of heroin laced with various hallucinogens.  Which led to the vic making numerous and increasingly harmful razor cuts to his extremities.  He shot up, bled out, and o.ded.  Guy was a drifter with the markings of a long-term drug user, so the cops didn’t spend too much time worrying about it.

I found the other two bodies.  That happens sometimes when you work your nights trolling neighborhoods.  Spend enough time feeling out the back streets and dead ends of a place, dead–or almost dead–bodies get to be part of the scene.   It’s easy to dispose of bodies when you’re an ME.  Sure, you want to give ’em their proper due, but sometimes that takes a back seat to keeping secrets.  

With one official report filed, and the image of two bodies that can never be claimed still in my mind, I figured it was time to get to the real work. 

Finding the killer wouldn’t make these three any less dead, but it might prevent a full-blown epidemic of the bloodsucking kind.


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