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Nice to meet you. Call me Joe.

Posted in Detroit, The Blood, The Places with tags , , on October 20, 2009 by justwritecat

Yeah, not my real name.  Any vampire knows a name carries baggage.  If you’re a young enough vamp, a name means you can be traced back to before you changed, back to your human connections. That tie to your past, that yearning to go back to your life of old, can make you weak, careless.  And that won’t do. So for now, just call me Joe. 

As a human, I wore many hats.  Brother, son, doctor, boozer, lover.  All that changed the night I was turned against my will.  Well, maybe not all.  Still love scotch and women.  Especially the women.  But the rest…I had to leave behind.  For a time I kept up a medical practice, figured it would come in handy should a fresh supply of blood ever run low.  After one or five potentially embarassing…examinations, I decided to call that quits, too.  Still, a vampire’s gotta eat.  So I traded in one lab coat for another and began my time as a medical examiner.  That’s the thing about being what I am–you learn all the secrets of the dead real quick.  Comes in handy when you’re working a crime scene or performing an autopsy. 

Right now–I’m working a case in Detroit.  Tired, depressed and devoid of all hope–that’s Detroit in the here and now.  Me–I like to keep a bit sunnier disposition.  Always try to find that silver lining, even when it surrounds a pool of crimson.  But let me tell you, finding anyone worth tapping in this town’s proving difficult.  Not finding a source so much, as being able to stomach the taste.  Nothing worse that the taste of despair.  And I prefer things on the sweet side.  Still, there’s bound to be some dame out there who can keep me in the red.  And seeing as I’m getting a bit…hungry, maybe it’s time I headed out and found her.